CaniBiz is an Agency Dedicated to Cannabis Brands.

 We are a group of highly experienced Creative and Marketing professionals who share a passion for good design, good business, and good bud. Cannabis is what we do. If you’re an investor, grower, dispensary, retailer, or club, we can help you build your brand and market position to become a key player in this fast growing industry, through strategic use of the latest design technologies and marketing strategies.


We Offer Creative and Business Services









We'll Get You Noticed

In today’s market, you only have a few seconds to capture today’s empowered cannabis consumers. Make that time count with branding that instantly conveys credibility, your identity and your unique value proposition. At Canabiz, we work with you to create this vision and develop marketing strategies based on your business goals, target audience and objectives. We have extensive experience assisting clients from multiple market segments realize their unique place in the market. Whether its a business plan, logo, website, media relations, or product launch, our success depends on your success.

We Know the Market

Lets face it, cannabis is big business. And its high time for a change in the way it is marketed. Canibiz Creative can help any producer, merchant or cannabis start-up navigate WA and CA local regulations for advertising, marketing, branding and packaging. We at Canabiz Creative are a team of seasoned professionals from the world of graphic design, marketing and business development with extensive networks in Silicon Valley and Seattle Area. Whether it’s creating a new brand identity or build a business plan for fund raising, Canibiz can help.

We'll Tune Up Your Pitch.

Whether you’re seeking funding from a private equity firm or launching a crowdfunding campaign, one of the biggest challenges in this emerging industry is for entrepreneurs to prepare for fund raising. Canabiz Creative offers a range of business sevices including technical due-diligence, best-in-market pitch presentations and full-service agency marketing.  Together we can building a focused, streamilned and simple fundraising strategy that will enable you to pitch, attract, and close investors.  Our investor network has invested in multiple verticals as diverse as Startups, Social Enterprises, Entertainment, Real Estate, and of course, Cannabis.



Strong brand marketing starts with well structured corporate and brand identity systems. Let us assist you in defining an identity that is compelling, memorable and enduring.


We offer a full-service web nad mobile app development team that can create a new site for you, redesign your old site, or build powerful microsites for select audiences.


Great marketing collateral starts with a simple rule: Quickly communicate the key benefits of your offering to your prospective customers and do so in a visually compelling fashion.


Your packaging is often your first and only opportunity to capture customer attention. Our award-winning designers specialize in focus-grabbing, user-centered packaging design.


We develop creative, artful yet practical advertising that is intelligently designed to stimulate prospects in your target audience and get them to respond to your calls to action.


Nothing creates a buzz like social media marketing. Our approach is simple: Engage – Inform – Sell. We generate a constant stream of engaging microcontent that gets people involved.


Does anything sell better than a seductive yet highly-functional user interface? We’ve got a user interface design methodology that can’t be beat.


Our targeted email blasts get the word out enmasse with based on specific demographics. Reach out to a wide range of potential buyers that may or may not be engaged in social media.



Every good business starts with a plan. Our experienced experts can help yours be one of the best, alerting you to potential pitaflls, and ensuring an investor-friendly, durable roadmap moving forward.


We help you to define an initial strategy and we work with you to make strategic adjustments based on market events, industry dynamics, and business conditions.


Our assessments look at program effectiveness as well as message clarity, distinction, and articulation to help you plot future programs and get the highest ROI from your sales and marketing efforts.


Put your best foot forward and get noticed within your industry. We help to arrange special events that can draw attention to new products, new services, or other important company events.


You’ve worked hard to build your business. You’ve got a story to tell. We can help you manage your public image to create the perfect narrative.


Utilizing our extensive network of media contacts, we pursue a wide range of activities to facilitate your getting the coverage you need. Often times, this gives you the best bang for your buck.


Enhance the investment community’s attraction to your company. We work with public companies, private companies  and companies going public.


We provide you with advice and assistance on all aspects of your new product launch, everything from the overall strategy to tactical execution of individual components of the launch plan.